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Custom Computers

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We provide Montreal with Custom Built PC Computer and Server Building, Upgrades and Sales. There are many different uses and applications for computers. Custom-Built Computers provide many advantages. Since people of all ages and skill levels use computers for so many different needs a Custom-Built PC can provide you with exactly what you need for the perfect price. Visiting your local electronics store or computer retailer can often display a large selection of computers. However, large manufacturers often give each computer something the other doesn’t have and force you to spend a fortune on add-ons and upgrades. By purchasing a Custom-Built Computer from Provirtual, or having us upgrade your current PC, it will allow you to have the perfect PC for your needs and for a price you’re comfortable with.

Some styles of Custom-Built Computers we can put together for you are:
Office PCs: Most office employees simply need their computers to perform a job. These computers are often tailored to run basic software such as Microsoft Office, Internet Browsers, Customer Management Systems, Accounting Software, and more. Since they are often purchased in quantities, their components do not exceed what is needed by office employee in order to achieve the perfect price.

High Performance Workstation PCs: Sometimes you may require something more powerful than a standard office PC. You may be doing some graphic design, AutoCAD, video editing, or audio work. In these cases, you will require some extra horsepower. We can build a PC customized to suit your needs to ensure you have the perfect tool to get the job done quickly, and efficiently.

Servers: Whether it is a basic server with mirrored drives for a small office or a full RAID array server with dual processors, we can build you a server specifically designed and tailor made for your requirements. We can also set you up with DNS, ActiveDirectory, File Sharing, file/folder security and permissions, group policies, backups, and anything else you might require for your server.

We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team of responsive experts available to assist you.

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